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True 180W Power Consumption – Twice the Light Output as HPS with low Energy Cost
Full Light Intensity Adjustment for All Stages of Plant Growth
Control Multiple Lights at Once with Included Daisy-Chain Dimming Kit
A Single, Plant-Tuned “Wideband” Spectrum for Rapid Vegetative Growth and Heavy Flower Yield
Comfortable Plant Viewing, See Plants in True Colour without Light Shining Into Your Eyes
Silent Operation & Passively Cooled with No Moving Parts
Unique Rectangular Light Projection Perfectly Fits Grow Tents or Expands to Any Area
Linear Lenses Prevent Light Loss and Increase Canopy Penetration & Growth Power
Premium, Heavy Duty & Solid Construction with LEDs Protected By Easy-Clean Lenses
Grower-Proven Results for Peppers, Tomatoes, Leafy Greens, and Exotic Flowering Plants
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
Safety Listings for Quality, Safety & Energy Rebates – ETL, CE, RoHS, RCM

The Electric Sky 180 V2 (ES180) is a compact wideband 180 watt LED grow light with a high yield spectrum, intense output, amazing light spread and guaranteed results. The patent-pending GS1 Wideband Spectrum technology not only replicates the exact power of the Sun’s wavelengths that plants thrive in, the ES180 gives your plants even more of what they’re looking for, delivering fast growth and explosive yields from seed to flower. Linear optics focus light for intense grow power and canopy penetration, even at a far distance. The distributed design evenly illuminates a rectangular grow area and allows for close canopy deployment without burning your plants for maximum headroom. High-performance gardens are now possible in the tightest closets and grow spaces, allowing you to achieve high maximum yields up to one to two weeks faster while using less  electricity, nutrients and water costs than any other LED light system you’ve used before.

IT’S THE PERFECT FIT for your 450 x 760mm – 600mm x 1.2m grow area, whether it’s a grow tent or one of your extra closets, because it illuminates a rectangle while giving you the greatest headroom.

SAFE, WORRY FREE, AND EASY TO USE: No hot bulbs to deal with just plug in and grow!  The ES180 is designed to produce an intense but inviting light environment for your plants.  Instead of light splashing into your eyes like other grow systems, the Electric Sky directs light downwards and towards your plants, which makes your garden a joy to maintain and display to your family & friends.

GIVE YOUR PLANTS THE CORRECT LIGHT INFORMATION: When plants don’t have enough infrared light, they’re “flying blind”. Other “white” or “purple” LED’s fail to provide plants with enough usable near-infrared light. The ES180 gives concentrated red & IR flower power that accelerates vegetative growth speed and encourages heavy flower weight.

MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR HEADROOM: Near-field lighting gets our ES180 only 30-45cm from your plant canopy without burning.  This means you can grow GIANTS even in spaces with limited headroom.  No more worrying how far grow lights should be from plants…

GET YIELDS EDGE-TO-EDGE & NO HOTSPOTS: Distributed LEDs and special linear lenses shine light all the way into the far corners of your garden, keeping your entire garden brighter.

ACHIEVE TOP-TO-BOTTOM FULL PLANT DEVELOPMENT: Electric Sky activates growth beneath the canopy with penetrating spectrum colours so you can harvest more usable product from the top to bottom of your plant.

PASSIVE COOLING: No moving parts to make noise or break down the road. Uses only 180 watts of energy for 300 watts of HID growing power with half the heat!

BUILT TO LAST: Other LED units are flimsy and fragile or have exposed LEDs, unprotected from the residue in your plant environment or from an accidental “bump”.  The Electric Sky is constructed out of a solid piece of aluminium and its easy-to-clean lenses protect the LEDs, so you never have to worry about accidental damage to your investment…


Input Power / Voltage

180W / 100-277V


1.5A @ 120V / 0.75A @ 240V

Heat BTU Generated

614 BTU


GS1 Wideband Spectrum

Creates larger leaves and stems for exponentially faster growth in veg & massive yields in flower

Photon Efficacy

(300nm-780nm): 2.32 μmol/J

LED Diode Count


Coverage Area Vegetative

Up to 760mm x 1.5m

Coverage Area Flowering

Up to 600mm x 1.2m

Hang Height Vegetative

500 to 900mm

Hang Height Flowering

380 to 460mm

Expected Fixture Lifetime

50,000+ Hours [11 yrs flower / 7.5 yrs veg]

Manufacturer’s Warranty

3 years




600L x 300W x 60Hmm


Instruction Manual

1x Large and 1x Small Green Sunshine Co. Stickers

1x Large and 1x Small Electric Sky Grow Light Stickers

Easy Hanging Kit:

3x Wire Gripper Cables

2x Metal Ratchet Rope Hangers

Dimming Kit For Precise Intensity Control

1x Manual Dimming Knob

1x Splitter Cable (for controlling multiple lights at once)

1x Extension Cable (for controlling intensity at a distance)

Power Adapters 1x 240V US Plug Adapter

5 Trees Planted in US National Forests 

90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


These lights are extremely bright and you should never look directly at the LED bulbs when the light is on. It is recommended that LED Protective Glasses should be worn whenever you are in the area with the lights.

Indoor use only and the lights are not water-proof and water will damage light and void the warranty.

Surrounding temperature: Must be less than 40℃.

No extra ballast is needed.

Lights can be controlled by a Timer.