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Hortitek GrowBoard Quantum Board Style are designed with grower in mind, with a PPF of 2.45 umol/J and maximum 1700 umol/J is one of the highest output board on the market. Fully dimmable 25% 50% 75% 100%, modular design and the highest ingress protection of IP65 rating. The 660W will replace a 1000w HPS fitting with less power.
  • Increased Yield Quality
  • Flexible Modular
  • Power manual dimming Knob
  • Full Spectrum LED For complete Growth Period
  • IP65 Water-Resistant
  • PPF Efficacy of 2.45µmol/J
  • Low heat

Important Information

These lights are extremely bright and you should never look directly at the LED bulbs when the light is on. It is recommended that LED Protective Glasses should be worn whenever you are in the area with the lights.

Surrounding temperature: Must be less than 40℃.

No extra ballast is needed.

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