helioCARE™ partners  with you to achieve the highest crop quality and business success. Heliospectra offers a team of experts and a range of turnkey services designed to help your business achieve production goals while enabling your team to focus on operations and core competencies.

Whether our team manages every aspect of your lighting implementation or our experts assist your staff with selected projects, our helioCARE™ technical services will help you realise the benefits of Heliospectra lighting systems faster.

Light Analysis & Customised Light Strategies

Are you looking to improve the light conditions in your greenhouse, indoor grow facility or research chamber? Our team stands ready to help you and your company reach your objectives and goals.

Whether you want to increase yield, improve crop quality, increase shelf-life or alter the morphology of your plants, we provide personalised light strategies for your commercial grow operation.

Based on your production goals we will review a customised light plan and recommended strategies with you:
- Natural light analysis
- Crop-specific recommendations
- Customized light plan and installation layout
- Daily Light Integral (DLI) analysis
- Projected power demand
- Projected Return on Investment (ROI) analysis

Crop and Light Consultancy

Do you have want to get the most out of your crop and light environment?
Our team of experts offer help when it comes to optimising your light environment and on crop specific issues. With over a decade of experience researching plants and light, we have helped customers around the world increase yield, accelerate harvest, standardize production and improve the quality of their crops.

Commercial Crop Trials & Pilot Projects

Our team of scientists and commercial application specialists can assess planned light strategies and desired production outcomes. We can also serve your business and help out with pilot or R&D studies.
Our PlantLab and research team in Sweden carries out customised projects for growers across the globe.

Plant and Light Training Sessions

We work with your team to create a customised training curriculum based on your crop and production goals to support your business and team’s success. 

Our in-person training sessions and workshops include all of the variables that impact plant health as well as desired production quotas and forecasts.

Custom Spectra Design

Having a hard time finding the right spectrum for your research trial or commercial application?
We can offer you a custom plate solution designed to fit your requirements

Installation Design and Installation Support

We help you calculate, measure and plan your light installation and electrical setup, making sure your lighting solutions will run seamlessly without any disruption in production.
We will deliver an electrical and schematic setup for your specific facility and location with regard to your customised light plan.