helioCORE™ Control Software

helioCORE™ Control Software

helioCORE™ control software gives you the ability to automate light strategies to make sure you achieve the light intensity and quality your crops need across the entire grow cycle.

helioCORE™ enables businesses to reliably forecast yields, control consistency of operations and crop quality, and achieve negotiation advantages in the marketplace. Every grower wants to improve business performance and achieve premium produce prices or negotiation advantages in the marketplace.
helioCORE™ is the first and only light control solution that enables our customers and growers to forecast quotas, standardise production and increase year-round yields with predictable, repeatable results.


Increase yield with predictable algorithms and accurate production forecasts to maintain summer-time yields 365 days a year. Monitor energy consumption and utilise low-cost hours to decrease operating costs.


Organise your light strategies by crop type or production stage. Group multiple lights and create light zones to standardise schedules and settings. Save and build custom libraries to use your time and staff hours more efficiently.


helioCORE gives you the ability to monitor hardware status across facilities and quickly adjust light settings, intensities and spectrum strategies from any device —anytime, anywhere. You can easily monitor your grow facility!


Our control modules allow you to replicate pre-set light strategies across your plant growth and production cycle. Heliospectra's sensors and lighting controls ensure consistent light quality and intensity year-round and across multiple production cycles.

helioCORE Light Control Modules

As growers automate and connect growing environments, Heliospectra lighting and control solutions ensure your business achieves consistent, highest quality crops 365 days a year.

DLI Controller

Regulate supplemental light use to reach Daily Light Integral (DLI) targets, supporting optimal plant growth and prioritising lamp use at times of day when energy and utility costs are lowest.

On Target

Establish constant Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) levels to maximise plant efficiency and photosynthesis with dynamic response to seasonal changes in weather and natural light.


Induce flowering or extend the photoperiod for food and long-day flower crops using automated and pre-set schedules. Apply customised lighting strategies across the production and harvest cycle.