Full Flexibility

Designed and built on a foundation of over a decade of research and experience, ELIXIA is an essential tool for any greenhouse or indoor operation seeking to deliver superior crop quality.
Featuring up to four adjustable wavelengths, variable light intensities, and exceptional build quality, ELIXIA allows you to apply crop-specific lighting strategies. The additional compatibility with our helioCORE™ control system transforms ELIXIA with access to a suite of automation tools such as DLI and On Target control modules.

Available in Two Different Plate Types, ELIXIA comes with either 3 or 4 tuneable wavelengths depending on plate choice.

C Plate:-The C Plate includes 4 tuneable wavelengths at: 450nm, 660nm, 735nm, and 5700k white.

G Plate:-The G Plate includes 3 tuneable wavelengths at: 450nm, 660nm, and 5700k white.

Primary and Secondary Optics

ELIXIA uses primary and secondary optic lens plates to achieve maximum uniform light intensity and spectral distribution across a growing area.
ELIXIA has a smaller target area for close-to-canopy mounting heights, specially designed for indoor growing.
ELIXIA can also target wider area to accommodate higher mounting installations such as greenhouses.

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