The Perfect Vertical Solution

With its astonishingly light weight (1 kg /2.2 lbs), IP67 rating and simple mounting solution our new SIERA light bar redefines the ways in which growers can approach their vertical farming installations. The highly flexible design allows for growers to set up new installations, or optimize existing ones in record time.

Soon to be available in a choice of five different spectral variants, SIERA is always able to provide optimal, predictable, and repeatable results, regardless of your requirements. From plant propagation, to full sole source indoor lighting, SIERA can meet even the most demanding indoor facility’s needs.

Frustration Free Use

Our SIERA platform has been designed from the ground up to allow growers to take their vertical setups to the next level. Featuring an intuitively simple T-slot mounting solution, SIERA is truly a breeze to install in any facility.

SIERA’s uniquely designed daisy chain-able power supply also helps contribute to SIERA’s simple usage. Having each PSU power multiple lights also allows for safer usage and easier cable management.

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