Commercial Horticulture and Research

We are proud to be New Zealand's agents for both Valoya LED Grow Lights and Heliospectra LED Grow Lights. Between them, most of the world’s largest agriculture companies rely on Valoya and Heliospectra for their LED Grow Lights.


Valoya’s LED grow lights are designed and manufactured in Finland and adhere to the highest quality standards. Valoya helps growers and researchers reach their cultivation targets efficiently. The core of Valoya’s technology is a high quality, finely balanced, wide LED light spectrum.

Successful plant production demands high quality indoor LED grow lights – in this regard, Valoya has become the quality leader of this industry, having thus far supplied some of the world’s largest AG companies, research institutes and universities. Having illuminated the chambers and greenhouses of these growers makes Valoya a globally significant contributor to the food and medicine production efficiency.

Valoya’s LED grow lights are designed to accelerate the growth and efficiency of the plant production whereby the LED lights have been optimised through more than 500 research projects implemented in collaboration with the Wageningen University, Max Planck Institute, Julius Kühn-Institut, John Innes Centre,  Rothamsted Research etc.

Valoya’s LED grow lights boast the widest light spectra with highest CRI value (color rendering index) in the industry, offering eye-friendly LED grow lights that reflect plant colours faithfully. With its consistent focus on photobiology research and LED technology development, Valoya has been granted 100 patents thus far.

Valoya advises its customers on the number of luminaires and their positioning in respect to the plants, in order to achieve optimal light distribution and subsequently optimal plant growth. They use externally sourced light planning services as well as their own proprietary light planning technology to develop free-of-charge, comprehensive light plans.

IMPORTANT: Valoya sells LED grow lights for the cultivation of medical plants (e.g. Cannabis sativa) only in those countries where it is legal to do so and only to those customers who are in possession of appropriate cultivation licences, as defined by local laws.

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A Sustainable Solution for High-Quality Plant Production

Founded more than 10 years ago by plant scientists and biologists with a vision to make commercial crop production more connected and resource-efficient, Heliospectra has become the industry’s most proven intelligent lighting solution for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environments.

Heliospectra's top lights are produced and designed in Gothenburg, Sweden. Developed together with some of the world’s leading greenhouse and indoor growers, their proven products meet their high standards to withstand the demands of controlled growing environments. Their solutions are backed by the highest quality LED technology and years of experience developing grow lights and control systems.

Today growers and commercial producers across six continents use their holistic and flexible solutions to consistently increase yields while producing crops that achieve quality appearance, superior nutritional or medicinal value and longer shelf life, harvest after harvest.

At Heliospectra they develop LED grow lights in collaboration with commercial growers – for growers. All to make sure you get a product that works and the crop quality you strive for. With more than 340 light strategy and spectra tests completed, their in-house Plant Lab offers their R&D department and customers a deep expertise in plant science research.

helioCORE™ control software gives you the ability to automate light strategies to make sure you achieve the light intensity and quality your crops need across the entire grow cycle.

helioCARE™ has a team of experts ready to offer help when it comes to optimizing your light environment and on crop specific issues. With over a decade of experience researching plants and light, they have helped customers around the world increase yield, accelerate harvest, standardise production and improve the quality of their crops. helioCARE™advises its customers on design light strategies for their grow areas on the number of luminaires and their positioning in respect to the plants, in order to achieve optimal light distribution and subsequently optimal plant growth.

Based on your production goals they will review a customised light plan and recommended strategies with you:
- Natural light analysis
- Crop-specific recommendations
- Customised light plan and installation layout
- Daily Light Integral (DLI) analysis
- Projected power demand
- Projected Return on Investment (ROI) analysis

helioCARE™light planning service is free-of-charge 

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