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Classic Clip-Ons Blurple LED Clip-On

Method Seven Clip-Ons change the way you see your plants using your own prescription glasses! Expect great value and exceptional colour balancing for blurple (blue + purple) or magenta spectrum LED lighting.

*Not for use under full spectrum LED lights.

Don't Grow Blind

Method Seven designs high-quality glasses and photo filters for indoor and outdoor growing environments. Our grow room glasses provide true colour in bright lighting and are optimised for each of the standard grow lighting spectrums.

Frame Technology

Our Classic style clip-on has spring-loaded rubber-coated metal clips that gently hold to your eyewear. This Classic style fits over a wide variety of smaller lenses. Dimensions: 35mm (lens height) x 12mm (bridge width) x 132mm (full width)

Lens Technology

Premium polymer lenses manufactured to exacting standards by Carl Zeiss. Experience balanced colour under blurple (blue + purple) or magenta spectrum LED lights. 

*Not for use under full spectrum LED lights.

Manufactured in Italy to our exacting standards by Carl Zeiss Vision. For use under LED lighting.

See the LED Lens in Action below!

Method Seven LED Blurple Glasses